London Reflexology & Massage
In your home, my practice or your office
What is Reflexology?
Reflexology is ancient healing art about 5000 Years old. It is a natural and simple therapy which helps your body to relax. To stimulate your body, I apply pressure to reflex areas of the feet or hands which correspond to all parts, glands and organs of your body. This bring well being to your body and promotes relaxation.
Reflexology can relax you when you have the following conditions:
- Anxiety, Asthma, Digestive problem
- Back pain, Sciatica
- Hormonal imbalance, Infertility
- Insomnia, Stress related problems
Please note that Reflexology and Massage cannot cure any of these illnesses. My treatment will help you relax, improve your moood, help relieve tension and your sense of well being.
What Benefits can be expected?
Reflexology helps to :
- Promote relaxation
- Release tension and stress and improve sleep
- Reinvigorate and energize your body
- Improve your mood
- Improve your sense of well being

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